Welcome to Gorinchem | BreakSquad

Welcome to Gorinchem | BreakSquad In this video, we present you our hometown, Gorinchem. Together with the people from Gorinchem and it's wonderful places we created this video. We dance with you through Gorinchem and all the remarkable locations such as the Windmills (Molen Nooit Volmaakt en Molen de Hoop), The big tower (de grote toren), the old skool Firetruck (de ouderwetse Stoomspuit), Hendrick Hamel museum, Gorinchems Museum, Motor Sailing Vessel (Motorzeilschip), Theatre De Peeriscoop and 't Pand, City hall (Stadshuis), the shopping centres (Piazza Centrum, Hoog Dalem, Nieuw Dalem, Binnenstad), the Gate of Dalem (Dalem Poort), Lingehaven, Outside the Watergate (Buiten de Waterpoort), the Citypark (stadspark), Cannons and the gunpowder magazine (kanonnen en het kruitmagazijn) and of course the fountain (De Fontein). We hope you enjoy Gorininchem and the way we dance. BreakSquad presents: 'BreakSquad Cinema' where we provide you with professional dance and amazing cinematic videos. Every month we will upload NEW remarkable videos on our channel in this specific playlist, BreakSquad Cinema. In these videos, we show you our dancing skills, great musicality, strong moves, clean flips, well-formed body shapes, controlled footwork, our styles and use of different environments. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/breaksquadcrew/?hl=en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BreakSquadCrew/?ref=bookmarks Website: http://www.breaksquadcrew.com/ Credits: Jeroen 'Nazgul' van der Linden (Founder, Dancer, Creative Director, Choreographer) Redouan 'Redo' Ait Chitt (Advisor & Dancer) Thomas 'Flowmer' Folmer (Dancer, Organization) Divano 'HD' Rommers (Filmer & Editor) Janelle 'Cha-Ja' Dongen (Filmer & Editor) Carlijn 'Spooky' van der Linden (Photographic Editor & Stylist) Bram 'SchokaBram' de Waal (Dancer) Kevin 'K-ontroller' van der Vliet (Dancer) Jan 'Dull-Art' Schellekens (Dancer) Yordi 'Prodigal-San' Bongers (Dancer) Joris 'IT' Romeijn (Dancer) Ben 'Benergy' Kooijman (Dancer) Vincent 'one0zero' Bullens (Dancer) Mark 'the Badger' Mullender (Dancer) Luke van Diermen (Dancer) Aaron Eikelboom (Dancer) Sep Eikelboom (Dancer)